A5166 series waterproof button switch metal waterproof button self-locking switch

Issuing time:2016-09-19 12:57

Zhejiang Toowei Electronics Co.,Ltd was founded in 2005, is specialized in the production of various switches, indicator lights, locks, modern emerging enterprises.The company has introduced production technology and equipment with a huge amount of money, established a perfect standard quality system, strictly in accordance with national standards to produce various specifications button switch, waterproof button switch, electronic lock, mechanical lock switch, waterproof indicator light and other products, products in addition to export, but also take into account the domestic market demand.Relying on the unique advantages of Zhejiang, the company has established production and technology development bases in Zhejiang, the famous city with the largest industry in China.The company is located in the middle of Zhejiang, adjacent to Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Hunan, and other cities, coastal expressway and Wen-Hang railway, transportation is very convenient.

The company in line with the "unity and dedication, toward the 21st century, high-tech equipment, create first-class products, first-class efficiency, service at home and abroad the purpose.Adhere to the "quality first, reputation first" principle, to provide customers at home and abroad with the best quality service.With talents, information, quality and efficiency to meet the rapid development of each industry needs the company will continue to carry forward the "pioneering and enterprising" entrepreneurial spirit, in all walks of life, each session of friends under the enthusiastic support of greater.

Toowei, Yueqing Taiwei electromechanical switch factory, produces single and double head switches, which can be inserted into single and double throw instantaneous or delay circuits, button switches and toggle switches, a variety of beautiful and durable, including circuit configuration, AC/DC terminal options, button switches of their own color.Status. Shape and nameplate.

At the same time, our T600 series, T700 series and waterproof button switches T500 series and 4126 series, A5166 series light and no light waterproof button switch, metal button switch have been established to provide dustproof and under certain pressure (IP67 and) against liquid splash and wet long-term functional protection.Toggle switches, waterproof toggle switches and waterproof buttons, metal waterproof button switches are available in 5 series and over 200 varieties, including rating, mirror, press type (including self-locking buttons and non-self-locking ones), material quality, (including composite circuits) and more.

With the diversity of our switch products, Taiwei switch is fully capable of manufacturing to meet the needs of all users. Our strong manufacturing capability and wide range enable us to respond to faster updates than other manufacturers. At the same time, with the diversified selection of switches, we customize unique switches for you.We have a large number of measuring and testing instruments and tools in different functional laboratories, which can be used to test dimensions, surface treatment, electrical properties, structural properties, and environmental impact, etc., to ensure that the products from the factory, no matter the parts or finished products, can ensure the quality stability.The regular instrument calibration and the exchange of experimental methods of each unit can better ensure the correctness and reliability of relevant tests.

Main products: various specifications switch, toggle switch, waterproof toggle switch, large current toggle switch, waterproof button switch, double-knife double-throw button switch, waterproof metal button switch, electronic lock switch, mechanical lock, waterproof indicator light and a series of environmental protection switch products.

A500 series button switch and double-cast button switch adopt internal waterproof treatment, the waterproof level reaches IP67, and FCC and CE certification, 2 normally open and 2 normally closed are suitable for all kinds of machines and equipment, self-locking function is stable, there are three modes of light, light, face light, logo light function, color red, green, yellow, blue, white.

The buttons have more than 8 colors, which can be matched at will. They are better used in medical equipment, outdoor equipment, ship and vehicle equipment, and power supply equipment.

Classification: A500 waterproof button switch

Model: A5166

Function: on-on (ON) -on (DPDT)

Rating: 5A 250V 8A 125V

Waterproof rating: IP67

Product certification: CE,FCC,Rohs

The product damage occurred in the collision of packaging in transportation, we use plastic shell packaging, accessories separated packaging, better protection of the friction between the product caused by damage

Used in medical equipment, outdoor charging equipment, ship and vehicle equipment, power equipment, charging piles, electric vehicles.

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